Why online reviews are important

For the benefit of consumers, the digital world has allowed consumers to express their feelings about many things, including their brands and products. Nowadays, having the opinions of others before making purchasing decisions is a great advantage. According to data reported by Forbes, today 90 percent of consumers go to online reviews before visiting a business.

The benefit of reviews is not only for consumers but also for brands, Harvard Business School reports that for every rating or star on the sites, brands can receive revenue increases of 5 to 9 percent.

Starting from the idea of ​​how convenient reviews can be for a business, here we tell you how to get them.

Identify important review sites for your business

Depending on your business, there will be places on the web that you should pay more attention to increase or improve your presence there, for example if your business is a restaurant, it is ideal to look for opinions in places like Yelp or Google Maps.

Generating sales and reducing reimbursement

Opinions or reviews, as well as scores, especially positive ones, have an impact on sales, in general, high scores attract more consumers and stimulate their desire to buy while reducing the desire to contemplate the idea of ​​returning the product because there is a whole base of good experiences about how the levels of satisfaction they will experience when purchasing the product will be.

A bigger attraction for customers and investors

Finally, if you have good reviews, make your brand more attractive to potentials and investors. This is probably the best result that can be experienced with them, the more positive feedback there is, the better it will be for the brand and the interest it can generate.

More than half of customers read reviews online

To understand this, we need to introduce another notion: the customer experience. It is about the customer’s experience when he is in contact with a company, buys and uses its products. Today, this customer experience is of paramount importance to consumers. A positive customer experience means that the company has managed to offer a service that meets the needs and expectations of the buyer.

Customer reviews reflect this experience. In other words, a positive review is a sign of a positive experience. Consumers then consult them to find out if the company can offer an experience that meets the expectations of its customers. They respect the removal of any doubts and the assurance that the words presented through advertising campaigns, or the description of the product are relevant and real.

Consumers pay special attention to negative reviews

Almost all business sectors, represented on the Internet, are now subject to the eyes and judgment of customers. Customers give their opinion both for a cosmetic product and for household appliances or high-tech devices.

However, consumers are more likely to submit reviews in the service delivery sectors. This is especially the case in the sector

  • tourism
  • hotel
  • nutrition.

In the end, the content matters just as much. Consumers trust a written review more than a simple evaluation. Moreover, this gives him a more accurate idea of ​​the quality of service. However, they will not receive any advice. Most consumers trust reviews posted on high-profile platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google, or Amazon. These three sites are the most visited.