How globalization has made the world “flat”

What is globalization? Does it have a universally valid definition? Does this phenomenon threaten traditional culture, values ​​, and national identity? Is it progress or, on the contrary, a regression? Is this process of globalization new or has globalization existed for a long time, processes only being accelerated since the 1980s? Can we oppose globalization? Will we see Germans speaking English and Americans speaking French?

How does globalization affect our daily lives? Does globalization mean standardization?

All these questions are present almost daily on However, it must recognize that globalization also presents good facts, but also some unfavorable ones.

Due to globalization, we manage to perform activities that we did not do before, for example, to make payments anywhere in the world through OFX and other services of this type.


Economic globalization is the dynamic process of increasing interdependencies between nation-states, as a result of the expansion … Read the rest